Jeffrey Hoelle

Curriculum Vitae (updated 08/2017)
Curriculo Lattes (Brasil)
See the publications page or my Google Scholar profile for representative publications.

My research, as well as the projects of my graduate students, focuses broadly on  understanding the role of cultural beliefs and practices in human-environment relations, and particularly in practices that result in negative environmental outcomes.  We aim to help better understand social, cultural, political and economic obstacles to sustainability and socio-environmental justice. 

My research in the Brazilian Amazon is centered on these themes:    

  • The logic of rainforest destruction in the Brazilian Amazon, with a focus on cattle raising and gold mining
  • Function and aesthetics of everyday forms of nature control and domination in the Amazon

I am also interested in broader issues and challenges related to the study of the human-environment relations:

  • Cross-cultural comparison of cattle economies, cattle cultures, and beef consumption
  • Integrating culture into land use-land change frameworks, theory, and modeling

At UCSB, I have also worked with undergraduate students to create the IV Ethnobotany Project, which aims to help students engage with the local environment trrough mapping and documentation of useful and edible plants and the cultural landscape around the UCSB campus.

Breakfast with Tchao the bull. Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve in Acre, Brazil.

Giving a talk about my research at EMBRAPA in Rio Branco, Acre, Brazil in July of 2016

Sunset in Sao Felix do Xingu, Brazil, 2014.